Build sustainably with Dramix®

Dramix® steel fibers support you all along your sustainability journey.

Dramix® steel fibers- less concrete + less steel = less CO2 Dramix® steel fibers- less concrete + less steel = less CO2

Less concrete + less steel = less CO

Compared to traditional (mesh and rebar) reinforcement, Dramix® steel fibers  can reduce the thickness of concrete floors by 10 to 25%, while maintaining or even improving the floor’s performance and durability.  Moreover, with Dramix® you can reduce the amount of steel by 30 to 50% compared to traditional reinforcement solutions.  By using less concrete and less steel, you significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your constructions. 

Longer lasting concrete elements

Dramix® enables you to build concrete floorings with longer lifetimes.   A concrete floor reinforced with steel fibers is more durable and resistant to wear and tear than traditionally reinforced floors. This is particularly important in industrial flooring given the increased warehouse automation. Automated warehouse vehicles follow identical routes, creating more localized usage-patterns.

Dramix® Longer lasting concrete elements Dramix® Longer lasting concrete elements
bluebgimg Dramix® No micro-plastic pollution

No micro-plastic pollution

Dramix® steel fibers deliver a micro-plastic pollution-free solution, as is increasingly required by government regulations in shotcrete applications for sub-sea tunnels. 

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Sustainable transportation

Dramix® steel fibers enable densely packed reinforcement material. In layman’s terms, this means that we do not transport air, as opposed to transporting steel mesh. Therefore, the fuel consumption for transport per unit weight is substantially lower. Less mechanical handling with lifting material, adds to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. 

Dramix® Sustainable transportation Dramix® Sustainable transportation
Bekaert - We are committed to sustainability Bekaert - We are committed to sustainability

We are committed to sustainability

Bekaert has an ambitious sustainability agenda. In line with the Science Based Targets initiative, we aim to reduce Green House Gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and become Carbon Net Zero by 2050. We collaborate with our suppliers and customers to deliver upon this ambition and develop processes and applications that help drive sustainability improvements across the supply chain.   

Recycled steel fibers

The Bekaert R&D team together with universities continues to investigate recyclability. Different techniques are under evaluation to optimize the recyclability of steel fiber concrete. The aim is to obtain clean fractions of aggregates, sand and steel. Even the reuse of “binder material” is under investigation. This means that the recycled steel could either be re-melted or re-used as steel, without any quality loss and certain fractions could be directly reused as steel fibers. 

Bekaert Recycled steel fibers Bekaert Recycled steel fibers

EPD certification for Bekaert Dramix® production plant Petrovice

We are pleased to announce that since June 2021, Dramix® 3D, 4D and 5D, manufactured at our Petrovice plant, Czech Republic, has a cradle-to-gate third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is a document that transparently communicates the key environmental performance indicators of a product over its lifetime. A third-party verification ensures that data relating to environmental aspects of Dramix® has been validated by an external organization.

Download EPD Certification by Bekaert Dramix®