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All you need to know about Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered report that communicates transparent and comparable information about the lifecycle environmental impact of products in a credible way. An EPD is compliant with the ISO 14025 standard.         

Bekaert wants to help customers improve the sustainability of their construction/building assets and has therefore worked with ITB to obtain EPD certifications for its Dramix® portfolio, manufactured in Petrovice (Czech Republic), our largest manufacturing plant, as well as in Lonand (India) and Karawang (Indonesia).

Other plants will follow the same process in the near future, with our goal to have our full portfolio covered by end of 2022.

In addition, we are working with  One Click LCA to enable customers to efficiently compare Dramix® based solutions for the sustainability advantages they bring on construction/building assets and processes. It gives a base for comparison with alternative (mainly traditional) reinforcement solutions and it reinforces our commitment to incorporate lifecycle assessment into our sustainability ambition.

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Yes, this EPD certificate follows the EN15804, followed by most other national certification agencies.

In those countries where regulations differ from EPD standards, we will involve the relevant parties to assess the differences and decide whether additional certification is required.

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We currently have an EPD for Dramix® manufactured in Petrovice (Czech Republic), Lonand (India) and Karawang (Indonesia). This means that today, 80% of Dramix® steel fibers are manufactured at an EPD certified plant. We also have obtained an EPD for Mesh Track®.

Next up are our plants in Wilkes Barre (Pennsylvania, US), Izmit (Turkey) and Shanghai (China), after which all of our Dramix® plants will be fully EPD certified.

If you would like to be informed of our EPD releases and receive these documents as soon as they are available please let your Bekaert sales manager know.

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Given the similarities in the manufacturing process, this EPD certification is a good proxy for all types of Dramix® produced at EPD certified plants.

However to be precise, we are developing a multiplier and formula together with the ITB that allows you to calculate an adjusted GWP (global warming potential, the parameter measuring CO2 emission equivalents) score for each of our fiber types. This multiplier will uploaded on this website as soon as it is available.

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The pandemic led to (partial) shutdowns of plants, which does not accurately portray what a normal production is usually like. As such, EPD calculations based on lifecycle data from that year would have been inaccurate. Further, some of the product lifecycle data is calculated by external agencies which only base their calculations on an entire calendar year. Therefore, the EPD's we kicked off mid 2021 or prior are based on data from 2019, and recent ones are based on data from 2021.

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