Amazon, Ottawa, CA
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Saw cut floor
Developer: Broccolini
Engineer: Y&V
Flooring contractor: Belmont Concrete Finishing
Ready-mix: Tomlinson

Dramix® proves to be the ideal alternative to rebar

Amazon broke ground on its first warehouse in Canada, located on Boundary Road in southeast Ottawa, in 2018. Called YOW1 (after Ottawa’s airport code), the project was a new site.

The challenge


A tight deadline, plus concerns over the size of the labor force required for traditional rebar installation, led to investigations of faster and more economical alternative solutions.

Brampton, On, Canada - September 19, 2020: An Amazon fulfillment Center sign is seen on the building in Brampton, On, Canada on September 19, 2020.

The solution


Instead of using rebar, Dramix® 3D steel fibers were chosen to reinforce one million square feet of this warehouse/distribution center. This not only reduced the size of labor force needed – and thus also the cost – but enabled accelerated construction, which resulted in project completion in just three months.

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