Huaqin Group-Pirelli Tire Expansion Project
Manufacturing facility
Saw-cut floor
Distributor: Dibao New Material
Owner: Huaqin Group
What we do

A nearly 40% cost reduction for this 20,000 m² floor

In the heart of Jining, Shandong, China, the Huaqin Group-Pirelli Tire Expansion Project marked a significant milestone in our longstanding collaboration with Huaqin Group. Over the past decade, we have forged a robust partnership with both the tire industry leader and our esteemed distributor, Dibao New Material. The expansion project, covering an impressive 20,000 square meters and designated as a manufacturing hall, presented a unique set of challenges amid the complexities of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The challenge


The primary concern for Huaqin Group during the Huaqin GroupPirelli Tire Expansion Project centered around flooring integrity, with a keen focus on preventing cracks. The onset of the Covid-19 lockdown added an extra layer of complexity to the project, hindering traditional face-to-face communication and on-site support.

The solution


The application involved a sawcut floor design, utilizing the 3D 80/60BG product with a thickness of 0.2 meters and a dosage of 20kg/m3. This innovative steel fiber approach not only addressed the client’s concerns about flooring cracks but also resulted in remarkable cost savings of 30%-40% and a significant reduction in construction time. With a load-bearing capacity of 5T, the Dramix® reinforcement not only met but exceeded the project requirements, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of our solution even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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