Kiat Ananda
Cold storage facility
Jointless floor
General contractor: Glitterindo Pratama, PT
Readymix: Adhimix
Flooring contractor: Glitterindo Pratama, PT
What we do

This 20,000 m² cold storage warehouse keeps running thanks to Dramix® 

Spanning 20,000 square meters, this overground facility, owned by Kiat Ananda Cold Storage, PT, marks a significant milestone as the first cold storage within the Kiat Ananda Group to adopt the Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) solution. As a key player in the Indonesian cold storage industry, Kiat Ananda’s Muara Baru project stands as a testament to innovation, with Glitterindo Pratama, PT serving as both the general contractor and flooring contractor, and Adhimix providing the ready mix.

The challenge


There were two key challenges. First, the cost factor was pivotal in shaping a solution that ensured efficient construction without compromising quality. Second, the design requirements called for a flooring solution that could meet the stringent standards of cold storage, where large cracks could lead to various issues such as increased maintenance costs, elevated production expenses, and disruptions in the supply chain.

The solution


Using Dramix® steel fibers in a seamless floor, with M10-150 top continuous and M10-150 bottom continuous reinforcement, not only addressed cost concerns but also fulfilled the demanding design requirements of cold storage. Bekaert’s involvement extended beyond product provision, offering critical design and supervision services. By adopting the SFRC solution, the Kiat Ananda Cold Storage achieved a flooring system that minimized crack width and eliminated joints, resulting in improved productivity.

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