Administración Portuaria Integral, Manzanillo, MX
Port pavement
Saw cut floor
Flooring contractor: Siteldi Constructora, S.A. 
General contractor: Administración Portuaria Integral de Manzanillo 
Ready-mix: Distribuidora y Comercializadora DCC 
What we do

Outstanding durability against high traffic levels

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the port of Manzanillo was experiencing higher than normal demand for imports and exports. However, the increased warehouse traffic levels were causing damage to concrete slabs on the dock.

The challenge


Due to the intense loading and unloading schedules, it was not easy to find time to repair the dock floor with rod and/or mesh. In addition, as workers were on-site 24/7, their safety had to be taken into account during any repair operations.

Administración Portuaria Integral, Manzanillo, MX

The solution


The floor was reinforced with Dramix® 4D steel fibers. In only three months a surface area of 1700 m² was reinforced. The dock floor is now more durable because the distribution of the reinforcement in the slab makes it more resistant to heavy traffic as well as to inclement weather.


Thanks to Bekaert’s in-depth engineering expertise and resources, the Manzanillo Integral Port Administration saved time, reduced costs, ended up with a high-quality reinforced floor, and ensured worker safety at the same time.



Administración Portuaria Integral

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