Amazon, Georgia, US
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Jointless floor
Owner: Amazon
Flooring contractor: Wayne Brothers
Readymix: Evans Concrete
Consultant: SSI
What we do

Thanks to Bekaert's Global Supply Chain, there are no availability difficulties.

Employees working at Amazon’s new 640,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Savannah, Georgia work alongside innovative robotics technology to pick, pack, and ship smaller customer orders such as books, toys and small household goods. This project is one of many Amazon distribution centers constructed in the United States in 2021. Bekaert provided Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for the 200,000-square-foot jointless slab-on-ground, with joint spacing at every-other column line.

The challenge


Due to the amount of Amazon projects in construction during 2021, the supply of specified steel fibers was a concern to keep the project schedule.

Amazon, Georgia, US

The solution


Bekaert was able to supply the 150 metric tons of Dramix® steel fibers (65 lb/yard³ of Dramix 3D 45/50BL) needed for the project without delaying the project schedule. The Dramix® steel fibers provided superior crack control for the jointless floor application, meeting Amazon’s demanding expectations.


Thanks to Bekaert’s global supply chain, no problems with the availability of steel fibers were experienced. Bekaert purchases different grades of wire rod from steel mills from all around the world and works with a global network of suppliers. In addition, of the total volume of wire rod purchased, around one third contains recycled material.

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