Warehouse / Distribution Center
Seamless floor on ground
General contractor: GSE Engineering
Flooring contractor: Wellrock & Kerdle
What we do

Ensuring the integrity and longevity of the Bestseller warehouse floor

In the dynamic city of Tianjin, China, the Bestseller Tianjin project stands as a remarkable achievement in warehouse and distribution center construction. Bestseller, a major player in the fashion industry with a strong presence in China since 1996, boasts popular brands such as ONLY, Vero Moda, Selected, and Jack Jones.

The challenge


The miniload area spanned 8899.2 square meters. The floor aspect ratio significantly exceeded the conventional limit of 1.5, posing a considerable risk of uneven shrinkage stress in the concrete. Pouring the concrete in the conventional manner would result in a disproportionate shrinkage stress, with the length direction experiencing much greater stress than the width direction, ultimately leading to undesirable floor cracking. This complex challenge demanded an innovative solution to ensure the integrity and longevity of the warehouse flooring.

The solution


To address the distinct challenge presented by the floor aspect ratio and potential for uneven shrinkage stress, Dramix® Steel Fiber Reinforcement played a pivotal role in providing a seamless floor on the ground. The application utilized the 4D 65/60BG product with a thickness of 0.25 meters and a dosage of 20kg/m3. The integration of 4D steel fiber not only met but exceeded the expectations for durability and load-bearing capacity. With a load tolerance of 3T, this innovative solution not only eliminated concerns related to floor cracking but also set a precedent as the first seamless floor application of 4D steel fiber in China. Collaborating with GSE Engineering as the general contractor and Wellrock & Kerdle as the flooring contractor, the Bestseller Tianjin project stands as a testament to the effectiveness and adaptability of Dramix® in pushing the boundaries of warehouse flooring standards.

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