BKT Tyre, Aurangabad, IN
Industrial-Manufacturing Plant & ASRS warehouse
Saw-cut floor
General contractor: Suroj Buildcon Pvt. Ltd
Engineering office: Jacobs, Mumbai office
What we do

Steel Fiber reinforcement solution for high-impact resistance   

The BKT Tyres manufacturing plant and ASRS warehouse in India (Aurangabad, Maharashtra) is a project that required a heavy-duty industrial floor. BKT is a leader in the off-highway tire industry and the loading requirements in the factory were heavy, making the floor design a crucial aspect of the project.

The challenge


The project presented several challenges due to the various loading conditions that needed to be considered in the floor design. The floor had to be designed for light industrial loads as well as high loads of the ASRS system, considering uplift forces and other factors. The team was involved in the project from the tendering stage and worked closely with the consultant team on floor section design, detailing of floor layout, and other important aspects.

Bkt Tyres

The solution


To meet the flooring requirements, the team proposed a saw-cut floor solution of industrial floor that was specifically designed to handle heavy loads. Dramix® 4D 65/ 60 BG steel fibers were used in the floor, with 18 to 25 Kgs of dosage (depending on floor thickness and loading conditions) and M 30 Concrete. The solution ensured that the floor could handle the heavy loading conditions while maintaining the required level of flatness and levelness. By using Dramix® 4D 65/ 60 BG steel fibers in the floor, the team was able to provide a costeffective and durable solution that met the project requirements.

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