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no saw-cut joints and no expansion joints

Brattle Foods Pvt. Ltd., (now Future Supply Chains), is a cold storage solution provider located in Mhesana, Gujarat, India. The company provides back-end cold storage solutions for McCain Foods. The company required a seamless floor for its 3,800 square meter cold storage facility.

The challenge


This project was one of the first seamless floors in India in 2013. The challenge was to design a floor for a mobile racking system that could handle structural dynamic loads of up to 15 metric tons. The primary requirement was to design the floor as a jointless, seamless, and water-tight floor due to heavy dynamic loads on account of mobile racks resting on insulation and severe temperature stresses (-25°C) with no saw-cut joints and no expansion joints.

Brattle Foods

The solution


The solution provided by the flooring contractor was a seamless floor, eliminating all joints on the surface of the floor, including control joints and construction joints. The seamless floor was the first of its kind in India designed for crack width just like a water tank, solving many of the challenges faced by the cold storage industry due to joints, a floor’s Achilles’ heel. The product used was Dramix® 4D 65/60 BG, with a dosage of 30 kgs per cubic meter and M 30 concrete.

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