Corbec, Ontario, CA
Manufacturing hall
Saw-cut floor
General contractor: AEC Developments Inc.
Flooring contractor: DIRM Concrete
Designer: WalterFedy Engineering
What we do

Ensuring high-impact abrasion resistance and impact resistance

Corbec is the leading steel galvanizer in Canada. Its five plants can handle steel products of all shapes and sizes. The company has constructed its fifth galvanizing plant in Hamilton, Ontario. The facility features fully automated material handling and state-of-the-art environmental protection. It’s the largest, highest capacity and most cost-effective galvanizing operation in North America. Bekaert’s steel fibers were used to construct a high-performance concrete floor suitable for a heavy industrial steel plant.

The challenge


A very tight construction schedule for this facility had to be met. Moreover, the specifications regarding loading requirements, abrasion resistance and impact resistance were extremely high, given that this is a heavy manufacturing industry with the presence of heavy-duty cranes and forklifts and large amounts of heavy steel elements being processed in this facility.

Corbec, Ontario, CA

The solution


The Bekaert team worked closely with the engineer of record and the general contractor to come up with an optimized solution. It met the construction schedule for the 90,000 square foot building and it ensured the necessary high impact resistance and abrasion resistance. The resulting 10-inch concrete slab was reinforced with Dramix® 4D 65/60 steel fibers.

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