CR Vanguard
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Jointless floor on piles
Owner: CR Group
What we do

CR Group's warehouse used innovative 5D Dramix® fibers for its industrial floor 

In Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, the CR Vanguard Zhongshan project emerges as a groundbreaking feat in the realm of warehouse and distribution center construction. CR Vanguard, a distinguished retail chain enterprise group under the umbrella of CR Group—a state-holding enterprise group and Fortune Global 500 entity— embarked on this project, setting new standards for structural innovation.

The challenge


The CR Vanguard Zhongshan project was awarded shortly after the launch of 5D steel fiber technology in China. While this has been a widely accepted technology in Europe, overcoming the skepticism to use a new building technology required substantial effort.

The solution


To address the challenge of introducing a revolutionary technology, Dramix® Steel Fiber Reinforcement played a pivotal role in implementing a Jointless floor on piles (fibres only) solution. This involved utilizing the 5D 65/60BG product with a variable thickness of 0.26m/0.28m and a concrete class of C35, showcasing the adaptability of Dramix® to diverse construction requirements. The dosage of 30kg/m3 further contributed to the robustness of the flooring system. By embracing this innovative approach, CR Vanguard Zhongshan not only became the first to apply FOP floor using 5D steel fiber in China but also set a precedent for the industry. This project serves as a testament to the tenacity of CR Vanguard in adopting cuttingedge solutions and the reliability of Dramix® in overcoming skepticism, ultimately shaping the landscape of structural flooring in warehouse and distribution centers.

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