Dinamic Oil, Bahadur, IN
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Saw-cut floor
General contractor: Prince Contractors
Engineering office: Ana Design
Flooring contractor: Lamba Techno Flooring solutions
What we do

SFRC are easy to use, and budget friendly.

Dinamic Oil produces and sells winches and gearboxes for the marine, mining, mobile, drilling, energy, industry and oil & gas sectors. For their new factory in Bahadur, they needed a robust, yet budget friendly floor. The project size was 15,000 m². As the flooring contractor was new to SFRC, they lacked confidence in moving forward.

The challenge


The main challenge in this project was convincing the contractor to work with a technology they were not familiar with. Steel fibers offer many advantages over rebar and mesh, it is a timesaving, safer and more sustainable way of reinforcing floors.

Dinamic Oil

The solution


Our experts were on site to provide support where needed. The flooring contractor experienced no problems using Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement, and it proved to be a more efficient way of reinforcing floors. The solution consisted of 14 kgs of Dramix 4D 80/60 BG, M30 concrete, and a slab thickness of 200 mm. This solution was not only budget-friendly but also the first factory floor in the region to be done with 4D 80/60 BG.

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