Kelly and Companion
Single-storey building
Seamless floor on piles
Owner: Kelly and Companion Co., Ltd.
General contractor: Jettarin Engineering Co., Ltd.
Flooring contractor: Nutcon Corporation Co., Ltd.
What we do

Not a single crack is allowed in this high quality floor.

In the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, the Kelly and Companion project stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in single-storey building construction. This project, spanning 1,000 square meters, is dedicated to the manufacturing of pet food under the brand “Kelly & Co’s.” The adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processes necessitated a seamless floor design, making it an ideal candidate for a robust and jointless structural solution.

The challenge


Not only should the floor be cost efficient and time saving, as a GMPcompliant facility manufacturing pet food, a seamless floor with no joints was crucial. Additionally, the need to control crack width for a polyurethane coating on the floor added complexity. The project team sought an innovative solution that not only addressed these pain points but also aligned with ESG considerations.

The solution


Bekaert’s Dramix® Steel Fiber Reinforcement emerged as the ideal solution, specifically the 4D 65/60BG product with a dosage of 25 kg/m3. This seamless floor on pile application not only met the design requirement for a jointless surface but also contributed to cost reduction and construction time efficiency. The 4D steel fibers played a crucial role in controlling crack width, ensuring a flawless surface for the subsequent polyurethane coating. Bekaert’s cooperation with partners involved providing detailed design support to the general contractor, Jettarin Engineering Co., Ltd., facilitating a smooth and effective execution of the flooring solution.

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