Lucid Group
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Saw-cut floor
Owner: Lucid Group
Design and build contractors: Several
Flooring contractor: Twintec Saudi Arabia
What we do

Saudi’s first EV car plant features a jointless floor

In 2023 Lucid Group built, and has now opened, an advanced manufacturing plant for luxury electric vehicles in the King Abdullah Economic City. This was Saudi Arabia’s first car manufacturing plant, and Lucid’s first outside the US. To meet a particularly demanding schedule – dictated by installation, commissioning and testing timetables – only 15 days was available for the casting of a 25,000 m2 floor.

The challenge


The conventional approach, using steel mesh rebar and saw-cut stress relief, would have taken at least 30 days, perhaps longer. A steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) solution could meet the project timescale, and offer operational savings, but a strong case had to be made for what was still a somewhat unfamiliar technique.

Linder, North Carolina, US

The solution


Flooring contractor Twintec recommended a 150 mm thick SFRC jointless floor using fibers from Bekaert, who also supplied full design calculations and value engineering analysis. They showed that SFRC would not only reduce casting time but that the jointless approach would largely eliminate floor maintenance costs and associated downtime in years to come, with positive effects on OpEx. The approach also uses less labor, and offers a safer working environment.


With timings tight, the ability of Bekaert to supply material on short lead times was crucial. Moreover, the availability of in-country site support was an important factor in reassuring the client. The floor was successfully handed over on time.

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