Malouf Sleep, Midlothian, US
Warehouse / Distribution center
Saw cut floor
General contractor: Gray Construction
Concrete Contractor: Fricks
Owner: Malouf Sleep
What we do

Reinforced concrete floors Long-term performance year after year

The 836,000 ft² (77 667m²) concrete slab originates from 2001 and was part of the Midlothian distribution center for Toys 'R' Us. While the toy retailer has gone out of business in 2018, the distribution center was resold and will be used for another commercial entity: Malouf sleep.


Johnny Shrum was a facilities lead physically located at the center and will continue as a Facilities Lead for Malouf sleep. 

The challenge


"For 17 years as facilities lead, I can estimate that our average daily traffic on the floors was close to 60 pieces of equipment running three different shifts for a total of about 20 hours a day for each piece of equipment. All these years later and the floor is still in perfect working order. This is truly a testimony of the robustness of Dramix® reinforced concrete floors.”


Johnny Shrum, Facilities Lead, previously at Toys 'R' Us, now at Malouf sleep. 

Malouf Sleep, Midlothian, US - Project

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