Medha Servo Drives, Hyderabad, IN
Manufacturing facility
Saw-cut and outdoor pavement
Flooring contractor: ACS Technologies
What we do

Cost and carbon savings through design optimization 

Medha Servo Drives is India’s first private railway coach manufacturer based in Hyderabad, South India. The facility, which spans 36000 m², was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of the state. ACS Technologies, the flooring contractor, delivered a saw cut floor and outdoor pavement job, making it one of the most prestigious projects for the company.

The challenge


The project was executed during the peak of the pandemic, and the management had already finalized the inauguration date in the presence of ministers. The challenge was to complete the project within a limited time frame while ensuring that the flooring solution is both cost efficient and eco-friendly. The product type used was 3D 80/60BG

Medha Servo Drivers

The solution


To address the challenges, the team eliminated the sub-base cost by achieving the desired K value after conducting a plate load test. The floor was designed to rest directly on the subgrade, thus optimizing concrete thickness and steel to meet precise load requirements. Through design optimization, we saved costs and lowered emissions. As a result, the project was executed efficiently and met the high standards set by Medha Servo Drives.

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