Prologis, Ciudad Juárez, MX
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Jointless floor
General contractor : Global Engineering Group
Flooring contractor : Cemex  SAB de C.V.
Concrete producer: GCC
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With more than 30 years in the real estate market and a strong presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Prologis is a company that is strongly committed to the construction of high value-added floors for its projects.



Prologis, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - Project

The challenge


Ciudad Juarez has grown to become one of the most strategic industrial areas in Mexico. Its location makes the city a favored investment site for companies that assemble goods for export to the United States and beyond.


When Prologis was constructing a new warehouse in Ciudad Juarez, they wanted to meet the highest requirement in terms of operation, durability, and environmentally-friendliness.

Prologis Warehouse

The solution


After analyzing various possibilities, the Prologis technical team, working closely with the general contractor, concluded that the ideal solution was jointless slabs made from Dramix® 4D steel fiber reinforced concrete.


The advantages are numerous. Installing 30-35 m² concrete slabs is the fastest way to install a large concrete floor. The use of Dramix® instead of rebar reduces the amount of concrete necessary as the slabs can be at least 2-3 cm thinner for the same strength and load-bearing capacity.


This means a lower environmental footprint. Moreover, jointless floors are aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing. Fewer joints and less curling means that forklifts and other warehouse vehicles can navigate more smoothly. Benefits include reduced vehicle breakdowns, and healthier and more satisfied drivers because they are not experiencing persistent jolts and vibrations.

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