Shaily Engineering Plastics, Halol, IN
Seamless floor & VNA
General contractor: Engineering office Shah & Talati
Flooring contractor: NECTARC Associates
What we do

No joints, no weak spots. 

Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd (Halol GIDC, Vadodara, India) required a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) floor with racking of 14m high and a 12MT point load. The owner partnered with general contractor Shah & Talati and flooring contractor NECTARC Associates to find a seamless flooring solution that was most suitable for their application.

The challenge


The (VNA) floor required a high loadbearing capacity and had to be able to withstand the high point load of 12MT. Additionally, it was important to ensure that the entire floor plate acted in unison and was appropriate for AGV movement with increased facility throughput.

Shaily Engineering Plastics

The solution


NECTARC Associates proposed a seamless flooring solution using Bekaert’s Dramix® 4D 65/60BG. These floors are specifically designed to eliminate all saw-cut, control, and expansion joints. With their experience and technical competence, NECTARC Associates executed a seamless floor of approximately 500 m² in 2020. The customer was satisfied with the result and ordered another seamless floor in 2022. The solution not only met the project’s requirements but also offered a smooth and efficient operation for the customer.

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