Ternium, Monterrey, MX
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Saw-cut floor
Flooring contractor: GC Pisos Laser S.A. de C.V.
Readymix: Concretos Apasco S.A de C.V.
What we do

Ternium: Steel Supplier & Manufacturer production and storage

Ternium S.A. is a manufacturer of flat and long steel products with production centers in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and the United States.


At its Pesquería plant close to Monterrey, the company constructed an extension to its manufacturing plant in order to increase production of various steel products for the construction and automotive manufacturing industries, as well as give them more space to store steel coils. Bekaert Dramix® steel fibers were selected as concrete reinforcement material.

The challenge


Ternium, as a manufacturer of steel products such as rods, was seeking to optimize construction time and reduce construction costs of the building through a reliable flooring system that would be capable of supporting the high loads to which the floors are subjected (40 ton/m²).


The company was open to the use of steel fiber-reinforced concrete, as long as Bekaert could demonstrate the long-term performance and durability of Dramix® steel fibers for such a project. Several meetings were therefore held between Bekaert and the Ternium engineering department, and a number of designs were reviewed and analyzed.

Ternium, Monterrey, MX

The solution


Thanks to close contact and good technical discussions with Ternium's engineering department, as well as with their consultancy company Techint and the constructor of the floor, GC Pisos Laser, the Bekaert team was able to convince all parties that Dramix® would meet the high load capacity while reducing overall cost and time of construction. 150 tons of Dramix® 4D 65/60BG were used at a dosage of 35 kg/m³ to create a slab thickness of 20 cm over the entire 45,000 m² floor of the facility.


The project proceeded smoothly and on time. Ternium is highly satisfied with the final quality and performance to date of the concrete floor and the ability of the Dramix® reinforced slabs to resist the high loads



Ternium, Monterrey

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