Tesla, DE
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Seamless floor
General contractor: GVG Industrieboden GmbH & Co KG
Readymix: CEMEX
Owner: Tesla
What we do

Tesla cars rest on durable & flexible floors

Tesla’s latest manufacturing facility in Berlin-Brandenburg marks their first location in Europe, designed to be their most advanced and sustainable yet. The factory plans to produce batteries, battery packs, and powertrains for Tesla vehicles, as well as manufacture thousands of Model Y vehicles.

The challenge


With the factory’s goal of flexibility and durability, two specific challenges arose for Tesla. First, the floors needed to withstand heavy loads in any location to allow for the flexibility of moving heavy robots as needed. Second, the floor had to be extremely durable to avoid weak joints, cracks, bumps, and repair costs.

The solution


Flooring contractor GvG partnered with Bekaert to suggest a seamless floor solution, free from any joints. The combined reinforcement solution uses Dramix® 3D steel fibers and rebar to support any load in the Gigafactory. Installing less rebar saved a significant portion of the schedule and budget. GvG’s managing director, Jan Martens, praised our cooperation, noting “When we were presented with a problem, Bekaert’s expertise really shined through. In a few words, the problem is understood, and we were presented with 2 to 3 possibilities. And these solutions aren’t just reliable and technical; they were also quick. It’s not just that one party sells and the other benefits, we had both something to offer to each other and this really pushed our cooperation to its highest level for this project and future projects.”

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