US Marine Corps, Georgia, US
Military warehouse
Saw-cut floor
Owner: US Marine Corps
General contractor: BL Harbert
Engineer: LBYD
Concrete contractor: Martin Concrete
What we do

Steel fibers heavy dynamic loading (tanks) with impact resistance

The US Marine Corps constructed this 200,000 square foot dehumidified warehouse at its Logistics Base in Albany, GA to store and maintain a fleet of heavy-duty military combat vehicles, ground weapon systems and associated collateral material.

The challenge


The client needed a cost-effective solution to provide an extremely tough concrete slab to withstand the high-impact and heavy-duty loading of combat vehicles and forklift trucks driving back-and-forth over the floor for years to come. Since the project was a governmental project, the reinforcement was required to be Made in the USA.

US Marine Corps, Georgia, US - Project

The solution


The original 8” slab-on-ground design with a double mat reinforcement of #4 rebar, spaced 12” on-center, was replaced with 34 lb/yard³ of Bekaert’s Dramix® 4D 80/60BG steel fibers. The Dramix steel fiber solution was chosen to replace the rebar because of cost and schedule savings, and its ability to provide superior crack control, impact resistance of heavy dynamic loading (including tanks) and overall superior performance of the slab-on-ground for years to come.


The Dramix® steel fibers used for the project were manufactured in Bekaert’s Shelbyville, Kentucky facility, thus meeting the Made in the USA requirement.

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