Batam Aero Technic (Lion Air)
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Rigid Pavement
General contractor: Aditama Bangun Persada, CV
Flooring contractor: Nutcon Corporation Co., Ltd.
Owner: Batam Aero Technic (Lion Air)
What we do

Less cost, less time and less CO2

The Lion Air Hangar and Apron, sprawling over 100,000 square meters in Batam, represents a pivotal venture for Batam Aero Technic. Undertaken during the challenging rainy season and with a stringent construction timeline, this project required innovative solutions to meet both cost and time considerations. With Aditama Bangun Persada, CV as the general contractor, Besroc Indonesia, PT as the flooring contractor, and Remicon providing the ready mix, the Batam Aero Technic project symbolizes a harmonious collaboration towards aviation infrastructure excellence.

The challenge


The Lion Air Hangar and Apron project faced dual challenges: the imperative to control costs and the necessity of expedited construction within the constraints of the rainy season. The traditional construction approach involving rebar and a 40 cm thickness would have been time-consuming and cost-intensive, necessitating a transformative solution to align with the project’s ambitious goals.

The solution


Bekaert’s Dramix® Steel Fiber Reinforcement, specifically the 4D 65/60 BG product with a dosage of 20 kg/m3 in a fiberonly application, emerged as the transformative solution for the Batam Aero Technic project. By eliminating the need for rebar and reducing the thickness from 40 cm to 32 cm, Dramix not only ensured structural integrity but also delivered significant cost and time savings. The benefits of this innovative approach translated into a remarkable 25% reduction in costs and a 30% decrease in construction time, contributing to a 20% reduction in total CO 2 emissions. Bekaert’s design and supervision services played a crucial role in the successful implementation of this solution, marking the Batam Aero Technic project as a beacon of efficiency and sustainability in aviation infrastructure development in Indonesia.

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