Zhongbai Wuhan Cold Chain Phase III
Cold storage facility
Jointless floor
Owner: Zhongbai Group
What we do

A state-of-the-art cold store facility with state-of-the-art reinforcement

Nestled in the vibrant city of Wuhan, Hubei, China, the Zhongbai Wuhan Cold Chain Phase III project epitomizes innovation in the realm of cold storage construction. Zhongbai Group, a prominent state-owned commercial listed company and a leading supermarket chain enterprise in Hubei Province, embarked on a groundbreaking journey with us to create a state-of-the-art cold store facility. This venture not only marked a strategic collaboration but also became the pioneer in implementing a jointless floor solution for cold storage projects in China.

The challenge


Zhongbai Group, mindful of potential disruptions to daily operations, sought a robust flooring system that would stand the test of time. The elevated complexity of this project necessitated a flooring solution that not only met the stringent quality requirements but also eliminated the need for future repairs. As the first cold store project in China to adopt a jointless floor solution, the stakes were high to deliver a flawless result from the outset.

The solution


The application involved the use of the 4D 65/60BG product with a thickness of 0.2 meters and a dosage of 30kg/m3. The jointless floor design not only met the diverse temperature requirements but also ensured an exceptionally highquality floor, eliminating the need for future repairs. The construction joint distance of 32m*27m further added to the efficiency of the solution. With a load-bearing capacity of 6T, the Dramix® solution proved to be the ideal choice for this pioneering project, setting a new standard for cold store flooring solutions in China.

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