Cainiao Parrot Smart Logistics (Alibaba)
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Rigid pavement
Project Owner: Cainiao Parrot Smart Logistics (Alibaba)
General Contractor: Murinda Iron Steel, PT
Flooring Contractor: Murinda Iron Steel, PT
Ready Mix: Karya Beton, Adhimix
What we do

A swift and efficient reinforcement solution in harsh weather

Encompassing a vast expanse of 110,000 square meters, this warehouse facility required a robust solution for rigid pavement, setting the stage for innovation in challenging conditions. With Murinda Iron Steel, PT as both the general contractor and flooring contractor, and Karya Beton of Adhimix providing the ready mix, the project embarked on a journey marked by the urgency of a short construction time and the complexity of the rainy season.

The challenge


The Cainiao Parrot Smart Logistics Warehouse faced a critical challenge from the outset – the convergence of the rainy season and a tight construction schedule. Commencing in November, the project demanded an expedited construction process to meet delivery deadlines. The need for a swift and efficient solution that could withstand the rainy conditions posed a significant hurdle to the traditional construction timeline.

The solution


Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement, specifically 4D 65/60 BG with a dosage of 15 kg/m3 in a fiber-only application, emerged as the optimal solution to overcome the challenge of the rainy season and tight construction schedule. The direct pouring solution, leveraging steel fibers, facilitated a remarkable achievement of casting the rigid pavement area in just 5 months, with scheduled deliveries in January. The collaboration with partner Bersama Bangun Persada, PT (Mr. Safety), in supplying Dramix® further enhanced the success of the project. The design and supervision services provided by Bekaert ensured not only timely completion but also the satisfaction of both the general contractor and the consultant, attesting to the efficacy of Dramix® in navigating complex construction scenarios.

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