Americold Logistics, Atlanta, US
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Owner: Americold Logistics LLC
General Contractor: GriffCo Design/Build
Flooring Contractor and Design Engineer:  Twintec USA
What we do

Use of Steel Fibers Reinforced Concrete in ASRS logistics

Located within 11 miles of the Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, in 2021 the Americold-Gateway Campus expanded their highly automated temperature-controlled freezer systems with the addition of this 35,000 ft² rack-supported facility. This project is one of several recent Automated Storage and Racking Solutions using Dramix steel fiber concrete reinforcement. 


The challenge


Since the mat slab is the critical path of a rack-supported building, a tight construction schedule of the mat slab was required for the project. Also, with the supply chain issues facing the industry in 2021 and the tight construction schedule of the project, Twintec needed a reliable supply of steel fibers to complete the project.

Americold Logistics LLC, Atlanta, US- Project

The solution


Bekaert was able to supply the Dramix® 5D steel fibers for the fiber-only reinforced concrete mat slab without any delays to the project. To achieve this, Bekaert has fiber stock at a local warehouse, making logistics distribution accessible and reliable, even when the project was unexpectedly moved up by almost 2 weeks.


The Dramix® 5D fiber-only solution provided a faster construction schedule over traditionally reinforced slab and also allowed for ease of post-installed rack post anchor bolts by eliminating any rebar reinforcement which typically interferes with the installation of the anchor bolts.

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