Cesi Jumex, Salinas Victoria, MX
Manufacturing hall
Saw-cut floor
General contractor: Constructora Garza Ponce
Flooring contractor: GC Pisos Laser S.A. de C.V.
Readymix: Concretos Apasco S.A. de C.V.
What we do

Reduced construction time, ending in significant labor cost savings.

Grupo Jumex produces a wide variety of high-quality fresh and preserved fruit juices, nectars and drinks. The company was eager to increase its production capacity to meet the demand for beverages in the city of Monterrey, while reducing the cost of transporting its products to market.


The solution was to construct a new production plant in Salinas Victoria, just to the north of Monterrey. The new plant had to comply with the demanding standards of the food & beverage industry. Bekaert played a key role in its design and construction.

The challenge


A concrete reinforcement solution for the floor of the 12,000 m² production hall was required that would cut construction time, reduce maintenance costs, and efficiently control cracks, to meet the requirements of the food & beverage industry.

Cesi Jumex, Salinas Victoria, MX - Project

The Solution


Based on the specifications of the production hall floor, the Bekaert team proposed a design using Dramix® 4D 65/60BG steel fibers on account of its high performance for demanding applications. Dramix® 4D optimizes crack control – the hooked ends of the steel fiber combined with a high length-diameter ratio results in a dense network that improves the load-bearing capacity of concrete, protecting it against cracking and fatigue.


The use of Dramix® reduced construction time, leading to significant savings in labor and cost of the total project. Reducing construction time also reduced the environmental footprint of the project. 46 tons of Dramix® 4D 65/60BG were used at a dosage of 20 kg/m³ to create a slab thickness of 18 cm.

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