Flipkart, Haringhata, IN
Jointless floor
General contractor: Shapoorji
Engineering office: Semac, Hyderabad
Flooring contractor: Lamba Techno Flooring solutions
What we do

Largest warehouse floor in India, reinforced with steel fibers

Flipkart, the popular Indian e-commerce company, wanted to build their first self-owned warehouse facility in Haringhata, Kolkata, with a jointless floor. Jointless floors offer many advantages for warehouses, notably their high durability and low maintenance. With a 90,000 m² floor, this has been one of the largest warehouse projects in all of India.

The challenge


The project faced several challenges, including an 18-ton point load over a small base plate of 100 x 100 mm, poor soil capacity in the local region, and the engineering team’s preference for mesh over SFRC. Additionally, the flooring contractor was required to perform non-linear finite element analysis.

Flipkart e-commerce company reinforced with steel fibers

The solution


A jointless flooring solution was proposed using Dramix® 3D 80/60 BG fibers, with 25 kgs/30 kgs used in the product mix, and M30 concrete. The panel size varied, from 25 x 25 meters to 25 x 30 meters in certain areas. The solution was successfully implemented, and the floor has been robust without any issues since 2020.

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