FM Logistics, Jhajjar, IN
Jointless floor
General contractor: Shubham Enterprises
Engineering office: Architype, Chennai
Flooring contractor: Yugal Flooring Solutions
What we do

High-performance durable jointless floors

F.M. Logistics, an Indian logistics company, planned to construct its first selfowned facility in Jhajjar, India. The company wanted to replicate the flooring specifications of its European facilities, which required a jointless floor. However, executing this high-quality type of flooring in India comes with its own, local constraints.

The challenge


The biggest challenge was to meet F.M. Logistics’ demand for a jointless floor in an Indian context: differences in fineness of cement, variance in raw material quality, fluctuations in slump at delivery, inconsistent supply rate, and weather conditions constituted major challenges.

FM Logistics

The solution


Thanks to our expertise and wide range of fibers, we managed to overcome these local constraints. We designed a jointless floor using Dramix® 3D 80/60 BG steel fiber with a dosage of 25 kg per m³ and M35 concrete. The panel size was 22 meters by 22 meters. The customer was pleased with the outcome, and the second phase of the project is set to begin in December 2023.

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