Ford, State of Mexico, MX
Manufacturing hall
Saw cut floor
General Contractor: Ford Motor Company 
Flooring contractor: Directo del Bajío 
Ready-mix: CEMEX 
What we do

Industrial floor reinforcement in timely and cost-effective manner

Ford Motor Company wanted to reinforce 42,000 m² of an existing industrial warehouse to enable the manufacture of electric cars. The original floor of the warehouse was a traditional 23 cm thick floor reinforced with rebar.

The challenge


The challenge was to strengthen the existing floor in the most cost-effective way.

Ford Motor Company, MX - Project

The solution


The use of Dramix® steel fibers to reinforce the floor of the warehouse allowed to reduce the thickness of the floor by 3 cm. This represented substantial savings in terms of materials and construction time, while maintaining high performance and durability. A warehouse area of 42,000 m² was reinforced at a thickness of 20 cm, at a dose of 20 kg / m³ of Dramix® 3D fiber.


In addition, the project lasted only four months. Six weeks less than expected. Thus, the warehouse was ready in a timely manner for Ford Motor Company to begin manufacturing its new electric cars in Mexico.

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