Gay Lea, Ontario, CA
Warehouse / Distribution Center
Jointless floor 
Developer: Orlando 
Tenant: Gay Lea
Engineer office: McIntosh Perry
Flooring contractor: United Floors
What we do

High-performance, low-maintenance steel fiber reinforced concrete

Gay Lea Foods is a dairy products co-operative in Canada producing a variety of dairy products for retail, foodservice, industrial and export markets. For its 140,000 square foot freezer warehouse in Brampton, Ontario, Bekaert proposed a high-performance, low-maintenance steel fiber reinforced concrete floor.

The challenge


With the significant amount of traffic, movement and wear and tear on the industrial floor, Gay Lea required an innovative and advanced solution to ensure successful project delivery. In order to ensure that the industrial floor would last for years, high amounts of traffic needed to be considered in the design phase of the project.

Gay Lea Distribution Facility, Ontario, CA - Project

The solution


The facilities design features an innovative solution of shrinkage compensating concrete and Dramix® 4D steel fibers in which the floor did not require any control joints. The combination of these two products allowed the designer accomodate not only the demand, improved the wear and tear, but they also addressed the concrete movement, which is especially critical in a freezer facility where temperature changes are significant. 

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