Reliance Retail, Nilakottai, IN
Saw-cut floor
General Contractor: Arwade Infrastructure Limited
Flooring Contractor: Sanjay Tekale Associates
What we do

Designing and executing the warehouse’s flooring Solutions

India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail NDC, needed a 40,000 m² warehouse in Nilakottai, Tamil Nadu. Their efficient water management system and smart architecture have earned it the CII Indian Green Building Council’s Platinum rating. Designing and executing the warehouse’s flooring using our sustainable steel fiber solution was therefore a perfect match.

The challenge


The main challenge was the project’s tight deadlines. However, Dramix® steel fiber reinforced concrete solutions are not only technically superior but are also 25-30% faster to construct and more cost-effective than conventionally reinforced floors due to the elimination of bar reinforcement.

Reliance Retail

The solution


Dramix 3D 80/60BG steel fiber was used to reinforce the warehouse’s flooring more efficiently than any rebar solution, providing a highquality, durable solution. Further, we offered design support based on international standards and guidelines, calculation tools to determine the right type and amount of reinforcement, execution details, and co-development opportunities. This project has further strengthened the partnership between Bekaert and Reliance Retail.

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