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Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel is a versatile precast element consisting of two outer layers and a core material sandwiched between them. Our (galvanized) Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement enhances the durability, structural integrity and sustainability of these elements, and it cuts labour time versus traditional reinforcement.

The challenge


Owing to high demand for its precast elements, precasters were looking to increase productivity and optimize its labor force. Specifically, this meant looking for ways to cast more square meters per day without increasing the number of employees.

The solution


To tackle these productivity and labor optimization challenges, Bekaert experts proposed the use of Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement, which increases productivity because it partially or totally removes the need to use rebar and steel mesh. A factory test was conducted to prove this claim. The galvanized nature of Dramix® steel fibers ensures a rustfree, long-lasting reinforcement, eliminates performance degradation and prevents discoloration of the final precast elements. Since less materials and energy are used, the choice of reinforcement also reduces their carbon footprint.

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