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Unique Fibers: Tailored for Every Tunnel Lining!

The underground offers the space which mostly is not available anymore on the surface. Urban traffic is saturated, and rapid mass transport is only possible with a good underground metro network. Service utilities require a dense network of pipes bringing fresh water into the cities and a dense network of sewers to evacuate the wastewater to the water treatment stations. Communication, being the main characteristic of our present world community, needs an extensive network of cables and service stations. The required space is only available underground. Development of modern tunnelling techniques, construction materials and skilled mining people have highly influenced the attractiveness of the underground construction technology. Exploring diverse applications in underground: navigating the parameters for selecting the perfect fiber match.

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Temporary shotcrete (spray concrete) lining

Fiber reinforced concrete projected over- tunnel surface.

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Permanent spray concrete lining

The process of Sprayed Concrete Lining involves layering shotcrete onto the tunnel's surface, ensuring stabilization and creating a durable tunnel lining.

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Cast-in-place linings

Concrete tunnel segments are cast at the site formwork

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Segmental lining

Efficient way to create a stable tunnel following a tunnel boring machine (TBM)

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Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete is the best solution to enhance Mining Safety & Efficiency

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Other applications

Whenever you need to design a structural or non-structural element - safer, easier, durable and sustainable, don’t hesitate to contact us to support.

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